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The International Fantasy Gran Prix is a fantasy racing contest based upon the Formula One series. Team owners pick a combination of 5 drivers, a chassis, an engine and other elements while trying to stay under a tight budget. Fantasy points are based upon real-world results, and as the season progresses prize money and travel subsidies allow teams to make changes to their teams.

There is both a Constructor's Championship and a Driver's Championship to contest.

This is truly an international league, and all are welcome. If you are interested in more information, please contact us at ifgpf1@gmail.com. Please check out the League homepage, this is a little more complicated than a tipping league.

IFGP F1 Championship History

Founders' ConstructorFounders' DriverFerrarichat ConstructorFerrarichat DriverSecond Season ConstructorSecond Season Driver
2023Scuderia ModificataScuderia ModificataScuderia ModificataScuderia Modificata  
2022Scuderia ModificataScuderia ModificataScuderia ModificataScuderia Modificata  
2021Troom Troom!Troom Troom!Cinema GrandeCinema Grande  
2020Troom Troom!Troom Troom!PeppaPeppa  
2019Narkhar RacingNarkhar RacingLena TecnologiaCinema Grande  
2018Shaky GPKarma TopplersShaky GPShaky GPCinema BajaCinema Baja
2017Lena TecnologiaLena TecnologiaLena TecnologiaLena TecnologiaTeam MikojiTeam Mikoji
2016Scuderia RambazambaScuderia RambazambaScuderia ModificataScuderia ModificataTeam Williamson SSTeam Williamson SS
2015Team Numero UnoTeam Numero UnoScuderia ModificataScuderia ModificataMuppet MotorsportsMuppet Motorsports
2014Jordan Grand PrixJordan Grand PrixLena TecnologiaLena TecnologiaTeam AdorabloodthirstyTeam Adorabloodthirsty
2013Red Bull RacersRed Bull RacersTeam Massive ImplicationsTeam Almost GreenTeam Total RekallEddie and the Robbers
2012Gamma BlastGamma BlastLena TecnologiaGnu F1 GoldTeam Total RekallScuderia Modificata
2011Team BRR!Team BRR!  Eddie and the RobbersScuderia Modificata
2010Clingfilm RocketsScuderia Modificata  Lena TecnologiaLena Tecnologia
2009Team Really GreenTeam Really Green    
2008Scuderia ModificataScuderia Modificata    
2007Team BRR!Team BRR!    
2006Clingfilm RocketsClingfilm Rockets    
2005Smokey RacingDallas Diva Racing    
2004SSX RacingSSX Racing   

NASCAR Championship History

2002Team Backmarker!
2000Smokey Racing